Picking up Amy

Amy Williams and Richard launch Virgin Atlantic flights from London to Vancouver

Picking up Alexandra

Alexandra Burke and Richard join Virgin Atlantic crew to celebrate a new route to Cancun.

Picking up Jeniffer

Jeniffer Mayani and Richard celebrate Virgin Atlantic flying to Mumbai

Picking up Random 4

Richard celebratingthe fastest crossing of the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle.

Picking up Teri

Teri Bovell and Richard promote the inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight to Tobago

Picking up Wang

Wang Jingqian and Richard promote Virgin Atlantic inin Shanghai, China. Wang is clearly delighted after winninga pair of upper class round trip tickets.

Picking up a belly-dancer

Richard promotestheinauguralVirgin Atlantic flight from London to Dubai

Picking up Imogen

Imogen Bailey and Richard Branson attend a party for Virgin Atlantic.

Picking up Bessie

Bessie Bardot and Richard Branson attend a party for Virgin Atlantic.

Imogen Bailey is hoping Richard doesn’t spot her

Picking up Random 3

Richard promoting Virgin Atlantic flying to Havana, Cuba